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It's Always Sunny's Latest Episode Was One Of Its Best Ever

The newest Sunny, “The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem,” is one of the best in a long time. This won’t come as a surprise but they’ve been on fire all season, with the only “miss” being Lady Boggs, an episode both I and critics thought was good but people on Twitter seemed to hate. “Bathroom Problem” was perfect Sunny in the sense that it takes a very serious debate and shows why people who are passionate about both sides are quite stupid. They’ve done it with everything from guns to #MeToo to racism to gay marriage and everything in between, and this time they set their sights on the transgender bathroom issue. It was an incredibly written episode that started good and ended great.

But the very end, the above vide, was the best part because it was perfect Sunny. So many other “sitcoms” (I’m reluctant to call Sunny a sitcom because I think it’s a pejorative and makes people think of lame network sitcoms) aways try and tie a perfect bow on every episode with some kind of resolution, Sunny never does. This is the first time I can even remember them ever flirting with/hinting at the idea. There was the perfect opportunity to add some Scrubs music and let the episode end leaving the viewer thinking, “Yeah, we are all the same disgusting animals no matter where we are” but instead the went with “Shut the FUCK up.”

Because that’s how life goes. It’s not pretty, you don’t agree, then you just leave it at a disagreement and come back tomorrow and pretend nothing happened so you can argue about something else.