American Airlines Makes It Official Policy Not To Help Delayed Or Cancelled Passengers

USA TodayAmerican Airlines has reduced options for travelers whose flights are delayed or canceled.

Under a new policy, passengers without status in the airline’s frequent-flyer program will not be rebooked on other airlines except in special circumstances.

Previously, American had loose guidelines, with airport and reservations agents given broad discretion on rebooking passengers who aren’t automatically put on the best available flight because of their frequent-flyer status. If your American Airlines nonstop flight from Chicago to New York was canceled and there was a nonstop on United that got you there fastest, they might switch you to that flight.

The airline decided a formal policy was necessary, with written guidelines on the pecking order for rebooking, American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein said. The policy began in late September.

Credit to American Airlines clearing things up so the traveler knows exactly where he/she stands. No longer will they allow this vague sense of uncertainty cloud the minds of those hoping to get efficiently from point A to point B. Not on American Airlines’ watch. Oh no, no, no. Now if you’re delayed or cancelled, you don’t have to worry about getting fucked. You won’t be driven into a state of severe anxiety over the possibility of being ruthlessly stranded by the carrier you entrusted with your money and your travel. You don’t have to helplessly standby, fingers crossed, praying for sensible and helpful assistance getting you to your destination.

You don’t have to worry because it’s now just American Airlines’ official policy to FUCK you. You don’t have to worry because you know where you stand…. you stand to get FUCKED. You enter a binding agreement with American Airlines the second you buy your flight which states states quite clearly that they will not help you. You are on your own. It’s literally American Airlines’ policy to FUCK you. It’s written in their bylaws not to help you.

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Love it.