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The Spanish Call of Graham Gano's 63 Yard Game-Winning Field Goal Yesterday Was Nothing Short of Spectacular

GANO LO GANO GANO LO GANO GANO LO GANO!!!!! Can we get Jason Witten and Booger McFarland out of the Monday Night Football booth and sub in Jaime Moreno and Luis Moreno Jr? I’ve said it a lot, but sports would be way better with just Spanish announcing teams. Everything gets turned into soccer calls which makes everything the most important moment in the history of life. The last ten seconds of that call is pretty much gibberish and singing. The beginning was set up for him because Graham Gano’s last name translates to win. It was all there for a perfect call and then Moreno started singing out of nowhere. I wish there was a video feed of these guys losing their goddamn minds over a Week 5 win over the Giants. Imagine what they’re like for the playoffs or the Super Bowl for that matter. Whatever it is, I need it all the time. Here’s a call of their’s for a SECOND QUARTER Greg Olsen touchdown from Week 11 a few years ago.

The Morenos only have only speed and it’s 300 mph with the nos cranked up all the way.

By the way, there was no way in hell Gano was missing that kick. Remember when he sent this kick ball into another galaxy? The man has a BOOT.