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Put Your Hands Together For Manchester University: Jazz Hands Will Replace Offensive Clapping At Events

Clapping and whooping have been banned at Manchester University ‘s Students’ Union in move to make student events more accessible.

The traditional form of clapping has been ditched in favour of the British Sign Language (BSL) equivalent, known to many as ‘jazz hands’.

The union say the loud noise created by clapping, including whooping and traditional applause, can pose an issue for students with disabilities such as anxiety or sensory issues.

From now on people will be urged to use quiet BSL clapping, or jazz hands, at student events including debates, panels and talks.

It means students will wave their hands in the air, rather than clapping or cheering.

The union said democratic processes, such as student senate, should be accessible to all students, including those with disabilities.

Once again, Barstool Sports is ahead of the curve on an issue that is at the heart of social justice. You see, I started this movement. In fact, I have the receipts right here.

Since that tweet, I have been clapping like you wouldn’t believe. I had a little bit of what our friends in the hip-hop community call a relapse, shoutout to Eminem. Clapping here. Clapping there. Clapping all over the place without a care in the world. This article served as an incredible reminder for not only me but for the rest of the world as well. Dont clap. I am unaware of the effects of hooting and hollering, but until the report comes back on that (it’ll be peer-reviewed) please refrain from hooting and hollering for the time being.

That being said, I did see a video the other day that was a pretty nice gesture on the part of some kids. Some of their classmates had these anxiety and sensory issues, they used the jazz hands to celebrate them. Seemed like a nice moment and it was really heartwarming but if that prevents me from hooting and hollering whenever I see fit, I might throw a fit about that.