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Nick Fitzgerald Took The Biggest, Cleanest Hit A Quarterback Could Possibly Take

Fourth down. One minute left in the game. Mississippi State down 13-6 with the ball. And all of a sudden the offensive line remembers that they actually hate Nick Fitzgerald and would love to see his innards painted all over the turf around them. Drew Bledsoe wasn’t hit this hard by Mo Lewis and it nearly killed him, which leads me to believe that Nicky Fitz is the toughest sunovabitch who ever lived. Donovan Stiner was legitimately shot out of a bazooka on this play. I don’t remember seeing any defensive player with that clean of a lane to get to the quarterback…ever? Yeah, ever. Stiner started running at his own 35, never broke stride, was never forced off his line, made FLUSH contact with Fitzgerald at Mississippi State’s 45, and then drove his lifeless corpse into the ground back at the 42. If this happened in the NFL Goodell would suspend the entire team for the rest of the season.