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Tiger Says Him And The Team USA Boys Are Gonna Get Lit On The Plane Tonight


Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.56.26 PM

That’s a thing of beauty. That’s the smile we’ve all been missing for 5 years. Sleep well. LOL. The Team USA boys better put their drinking pants on because that flight is gonna be some kind of party. Most of the guys don’t know this Tiger. Party Tiger. Fresh Off A Win Tiger. I’m On Top Of The World Again Tiger. That dude is a mother fucking savage. That’s the Tiger who ran through every porn star and Denny’s waitress within a 20 mile radius of a golf course. Yoda Tiger is cool and gives sage advice but Party Tiger? Party Tiger will make you drink until you throw up and then make you drink even more. What a plane ride that’s gonna be. Team Euro should be very very nervous about going up against a Tiger Woods that’s playing well AND a Tiger Woods who wants to be one of the guys. Team chemistry is gonna be off the charts.

By the way, I would pay BIG MONEY to have a live stream on that plane. It won’t happen because Tiger will probably make them all sign NDAs when the plane lands but they should PPV whatever goes on in that plane. Hopefully one of the guys gets too many soda pops in them and starts periscoping. Want it. Need it.


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