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Congrats To the Jags On Their Superbowl Victory. It Was A Great Season Though For the Pats. Oh Wait It's Only Week 2? Nevermind.


Ok yeah the Pats lost today. They looked like garbage. They looked old, slow and lost. It appeared like they were legitimately counting to 20 Mississippi before being able to rush the passer on defense. They looked as bad as you could look. The local media (looking at you Felger and Mazz) will say this team is dead. They will pick this team apart. Guess what? To quote the great Icona Pop I don’t care. I love it.

This was the Jags super bowl. This was their biggest game of the season. A revenge game from us kicking the shit out of them in the AFC title game last year. Meanwhile we always start slow. Belichick is like a great chef just figuring out what kind of ingredients he has in the kitchen right now. He hasn’t even put on his apron yet. It’s SEPTEMBER . Nothing matters right now. If this game happens in November then I’ll be a tad nervous. Until then I’m going to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, pick some apples and book my hotel in Atlanta. Because as long as Belichick and Brady are still roaming the Patriots sidelines nothing matters till the AFC title game. That’s just a fact jack. Is that arrogance or just a proven scientific fact? I’ll go with the latter.

PS – I’m not saying this is why we lost or making excuses but this is disgusting. No wonder Gronk wants to wrestle.