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Montage Of People Complaining On Domino's Pizza's Facebook Page Is The Epitome Of First World Problems

Twitter going down for 20 minutes at a time. Obama forcing the entire universe to go Socialistic. And Domino’s not bringing back the Puff Pastry after getting 5K likes on Facebook. The facking madness of life!!! How will we go on as a society? Plus there’s no free speech in Australia? Mickey needs it to be known his pizza “Tasted Like Farts”. Let the man have his say, Domino’s.

In their defense, the instant you realize your pizza order is fucked up it’s literally the worst thing in the world. They might as well be selling Fascism. Overrides any issue of childhood hunger out there. Maybe not as a whole, but for that 20 seconds or so the anger and disappointment is compounded into so much raw emotion it’s like the energy in the single atom before The Big Bang. The plea for Temporary Insanity should only exist in a few situations to where you can’t be truly responsible for your actions, and expecting a certain food but getting something different is one of them.

Other scenarios for Temp Batshititty:

1) Walking in on the woman with another man.

2) Opening the fridge and expecting your food to be there but the roommate/family member has eaten it already.

3) Any video-game related frustration. If there were people in the room to murder when Todd Pinkston was dropping a basket catches in Madden or while playing The Water Temple in The Ocarina of Time, I’d currently be put away for life.

Absolute seeing red, blind rage in each situation.