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Bravo Forced To Rename Television Show After Internet Trolls Deem "Real Men Watch Bravo" Too Homophobic

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Source -  A new Bravo show starring Jerry O’Connell, is already courting controversy- and it hasn’t even aired yet. The show, which is now titled ‘Bravo’s Play by Play,’ is set to premiere later this month following an outcry over it’s original title: ‘Real Men Watch Bravo.’

People were upset by the original name for the show and called it both sexist and homophobic. 

According to a Bravo release, Jerry, will be alongside a panel including Esquire’s editor-at-large Dave Holmes, former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, and TV host and comedian Michael Yo to digest the drama on the network.   

Bravo had also previously released a statement saying: ‘Real Bravo executives love real feedback. Bravo has always prided itself on being inclusive.

‘This show is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of all things Bravo featuring a diverse range of perspectives. The original title was not meant to be exclusionary.’

The show premieres Monday, September 24 at 10pm, on of course, Bravo.

First of all, calling Bravo homophobic is like calling the sky green; it doesn’t make sense. Bravo is far and away the gayest channel on television and it’s not even close. They make E! look like ESPN. I’ve never been into them personally, but I have groups of friends that live and die by The Real Housewives. Apparently, there’s a large straight contingent that does the same, which would explain why they originally decided to call their new show “Real Men Watch Bravo.” Well, apparently people on the internet didn’t like that because they got ripped so hard they actually CHANGED THE NAME of the show.

When I first read that the name of the show had been changed I thought it was a joke. Bravo aka NBC aka a $32 BILLION company essentially caved to Twitter trolls and gave in to manufactured internet outrage created by anonymous egg-shaped avatars. Which is not only baby-shit soft, it’s bizarre. Like how many people do you think actually cared about the name of the show? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that “Real Men Watch Bravo” may have missed the mark, but you can’t say that the messaging wasn’t clear. They want to attract a straight audience so they went for it. That’s why they have Brendan Schaub as a co hosting.

At the end of the day none of it matters because the show will be cancelled in year anyways. It’s still kind of funny to see people get upset though.