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Monica Lewinsky Walks Off Stage After Being Asked A Question About Bill Clinton

Real talk. Does Moinica Lewinsky walk out of a lot of speaking engagements? She has to, right? Cause I feel like everybody who gets a chance to sit down with her wants to ask a question about Bill Clinton. She’s obviously doing other things with her life 20 years after the fact but people are gonna wanna know about the private time she spent with Slick Willie. Honestly if you’re a interviewer and you sit down for an interview with Monica Lewinsky and you don’t ask about Bill Clinton then you’re not doing your job. It’s mean that the lady sprung it on her but oh well.

I get that Monica Lewinsky is sick and tired of being asked questions surrounding the time she sucked the President’s dick but that’s what she’s known for. It’s a super duper weird thing to be known for but them is the breaks in life when you decide to fellatiate the most powerful man in the world in the Oval Office. Fair or not fair, people are gonna wanna talk about it. It honestly might be the weirdest thing a person can be known for. Can you think of anything weirder? I sure can’t. Maybe you can be known for something weirder but nothing on such a global level. Not even close.

Bottom line, Monica Lewinsky is more than that one blow job but people are never gonna stop asking her about it. Never ever. If I ever see her I’m instantly asking her about it.