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Kate Upton Making Verlander Get A Dog Is Curtains For JV And Tigers Fans

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Annnnd there it is. Sorry Tigers fans but that is officially it. Getting a puppy together is all she wrote. It’s sort of like when you’re fishing and you have a huge fish on the line and you fight it for a while then the fish gets tired and gives up and stops pulling against the line. You reel it to the side of the boat and all that is left is to physically get it into the boat. Yeah you’ve heard of stories where the fish has one last kick in it and snaps the line, but those are mostly just myths. Friend of a friend type of things. For the most part once the fish is within arms length it’s curtains. Verlander is a half dead fish swimming along the side of a boat and Kate is the fisherman about to filet him on the deck. Sorry Tigers fans, you had a good run. And hey, at least you still have Scherzer!*




*Until Theo drops 140 mil in his lap.