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Good Luck Stopping Gregg Williams From Calling Players Stupid In Public


[Pro Football Talk] - “Gregg does not get to do just what he wants to do. We will work through all of that. . . . We do not need to do all of that stuff in the media,” Jackson said.

Oh, you think you can just tell Gregg Williams to stop calling players stupid? Maybe that’s why you’re 1-31 in Cleveland, Hue. You don’t tell Gregg Williams what to do, Gregg Williams does what Gregg Williams wants.

Now, what exactly did Gregg Williams do this time? Well, here’s what was floating around yesterday. Williams blasted Denzel Ward for being injured for stupid tackling. Mostly, he just answered it like, well, like Gregg Williams talks. Compare that to Kyle Shanahan and you get why Hue Jackson can get pissed.

The Browns have seemed like quite a disaster with the three coaches – Jackson, Williams and Todd Haley – during Hard Knocks. It looks like Williams and Haley are trying to set themselves up to be named head coach when Jackson gets fired and more importantly simply just don’t care what he thinks. We saw Haley get pissed about giving days off.

I can’t wait to watch Hard Knocks and see how these two interact. You know this will come up in likely next week’s episode and I can’t wait to see Hue Jackson just stare blankly talking to Gregg. Goddamn I love the Browns as someone who isn’t even close to a Browns fan.

Good luck stopping a guy who breaks down his side of the ball this way: