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My Mother-In-Law Is Back In Town: Will She Get Diarrhea Again? Place Your Bets


My mother in law is back. It’s the first time that she has come to Texas since Diarrhea Fest 2017. Everybody is nervous. My wife and I are nervous. Why? Because as a family, we’ve been making “grandma has diarrhea” jokes for the better part of 8 months.

If you follow Podfathers at all, you know that my youngest daughter says whats on her mind. There’s not a chance in hell these next few days pass without McCartney asking grandma about her diarrhea. Truth be known, I’m not even sure if my mother-in-law will flinch when my kid brings it up. In fact, I think she will be fucking thrilled to talk about.

“Oh. Lorda mercy. The diarrhea? I had something wrong afierce. I’m not sure what it was that tore my insides up, but whatever it was needed a rebukin from the Lord. I told my church friends about that diarrhea and they were worried to the moon and back. Bless their hearts. I hated to put that burden on them. Especially sister Ruth. You know her husband died last year, right? Awful man but he’s with the Lord now so we dont talk about his wicked ways. The ladies from church brought me nothing but foods to calm my stomach when I got back from yall’s house. It was a blessing. Thank you for asking, McCartney. Grandma is glad you remembered the time my butthole sprang a leak like the floods of Noah were coming out of my backside.”

My daughters, wife, and mother-in-law are all out for a day on the town. Their first stop? To get verde enchiladas.


Buckle up, boys. Barstool Idol isnt the only instant content in town. My mother-in-law’s butthole is back. #Blessed