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Marine Vet Storms The Field In Lone Star Battle (And Strips)

From the Halls of Montezuma, to the grass of Minute Maid Park…

This past Friday Marine Corps veteran Chris White waited until the final strike of the Astros/Rangers game was called. Then he dropped trou & flew his flag silkies shorts & star spangled shoes across the field in front of 40K+ fans.

Via Click2Houston:

White is the founder of an organization created to “use humor as a platform to display patriotism.”

He said he ran onto the field Friday to bring awareness to the deadly serious issue of veteran suicide.

“If I can make you laugh for at least five minutes then you’re not thinking about that dark space you could potentially be in,” he said. “If I can gear it toward patriotism, to me, I consider that the holy grail.”

Browsing around out of awe & curiosity I noticed the “organization created to ‘use humor as a platform to display patriotism'” is his company, aptly named ‘Freedom Hard’. If you’re a vet you’ll know what I mean when I say it is IN-YOUR-FACE-UNAPOLOGETIC-AMERICAN, a trend seen in a plethora of vet-run t-shirt companies. From my own jaded, skeptical perspective I think that can actually alienate vets & civilians sometimes, but that’s another ball ‘o wax. To each their own.

The site says $1 from each bag of their coffee sold goes towards vet charities & it looks like they raise awareness for various organizations. When a GoFundMe started for his bail he also donated that to charity, sending proof to a local news station. And as quick-to-cringe & jaded as I am, the streakin’ did make me laugh & I know it made others do the same, & I couldn’t help but feel pride when I heard he was a Marine.

In other news, this isn’t the first time someone in patriotic shorts made it onto the Astro’s field. Last October during game 5 of the World Series, a Russian YouTube star hopped the fence & ran wild as onlookers chanted “USA”.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.34.34 AM

Sure, he wasn’t American & didn’t have a cause other than publicity… but maybe it was good luck?