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If You're Not Watching 'True Detective' You're Missing Out On Life

(Title song is legit. Johnny Cash vibe will always make it move.)

Any HBO series that has two A-list actors is going to draw hype and overblown critical praise even if it’s so-so, but this show has all the makings to be one of the all-time bests. Billy Hoyle and David Wooderson offer almost guaranteed award winning performances, but that was pretty much expected going in. When Woody is on his serious game (see: The People Vs. Larry Flynt, No Country For Old Men) and Matt MccConnoheyey(?) isn’t stoned off his ass doing shit flicks with Kate Hudson and actually is devout to his craft (see: A Time To Kill, Dallas Buyer’s Club), they’re phenomenal. Couple that with a great script and a medium in which they can develop their characters and you’ve got yourself a James Lipton wetdream.

Now, the first episode was a little slow, but laid the necessary foundation. The second picked up with decent plotpoints and even more decent tits, and the third paved the way for some welcomed action. But the best part about this series? Only 8 episodes then see ya. A new storyline with new A-list actors come around in the second season. That is why this has a chance to be on par with the Breaking Bad’s and The Wire’s of the world because an actual plan and even better ending have already been decided. No happy horseshit like Dexter or The Walking Dead where fluff takes the place of artistic integrity solely because they don’t know what to write about or need filler episodes solely to keep the show on the air. Nope. True Detective could go down as one of the greats when it’s all said and done.

Plus you get to see the A+ funbags off of this hosehound. Mistress tits of the year. Woody’s wife can get after it, too.



PS – I see a lot of myself in the the older, whacked out drunken Matthew McConaughey. That’s not a good thing.