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I'm Gonna Keep A Close Eye On This Intern Eating Cheese Curls With Tongs

When the interns first arrived at BSS World HQ’s this summer this was the guy I circled as my one to watch.  He had no desire to be on camera, but something about him just screamed “weird brain” to me.   It’s like that 6th sense that I have.   I can just feel it.  Like this kid is fucked up in a beautiful way.  And then I saw this video of him yesterday.  Just minding his own business eating cheese curls with tongs.   He is blissfully unaware that he is on camera.  It’s brilliant and bizarre all at once.  I knew this kid had “The Barstool It” factor the second I saw him and this video confirms it.  I have no idea what his name is but he’s got a huge up arrow in Becketts right now.

PS – By far the strangest part of this video is that he doesn’t just eat the cheese curl in one bite. He nibbles on it like he’s eating priceless caviar. And there is 75% chance he brought the tongs from home.