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Happy National Hangover Day

You’ve celebrated America a little too hard, as you should… but now you’re tired as Hell, you’re sunburned, you’ve been traveling & stuck in traffic, you’re sweating out booze, and odds are good you did something embarrassing at some point yesterday for which your family no longer loves you… Happy National Hangover Day!

Allow Chaps & I to ease you back into Sobertown with the latest episode of Hi Haters!

01:00 Chaps And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Chaps had a lot going on this week… his daughter’s been sick, there were trips to the vet, and then he messed up putting in a new sink despite the help of a YouTube tutorial, & wound up screaming expletives alone in his house.

08:40 Ben Freak-A-Leak Franklin

We play ‘Two Truths & A Lie’ with founding father, Ben Franklin. Did he kill turkeys with electric currents at parties? Invent the male corset whilst getting it on with the lay-dees of France? Hang out in the nude all the time, for all to see…? All we know for sure is that he was a wild gent with some great visions.

19:25 Holy Hangovers, Batman

As a hangover expert myself, I share some possible cures (porkroll, egg & cheese on a bagel + chocolate milkshake). I also talk about the time I missed my cousin’s wedding because I looked like the GIF below, except naked & half inside a trash bag. Neat! Take some Tylenol, chug some Pedialyte & subscribe to Hi Haters!