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Basketball Is A Barbaric Sport And Until Fighting Is Finally Out Of It, Hockey Will Remain Superior


By now everybody has seen the Philippines vs Australia FIBA fight at least a handful of times. If somehow you haven’t, Reags blogged about it this morning and then Hubbs was kind enough to cover it again for anybody who got a later start to their day. Just a disgusting and appalling display all around. A black eye on the sport but I can’t even say I’m all that surprised. Basketball is barbaric by nature. This is just what we’ve come to expect from the game these days. But what was most sickening of all out of this entire scenario was the fact that this wasn’t even just emotions taking over in the heat of the moment. No. This was a planned out, strategic act of violence to send a message. You can hear the coach for the Philippines make the call right here.

“Hit somebody. Put somebody on his ass”.

I mean that level goonery has absolutely no place in sports. Imagine sending somebody out into the middle of a game for the sole purpose of fighting. Not only is it irresponsibly dangerous, but it is flat out shameful from a character standpoint. Yet people still wonder why nobody really gives a shit about basketball. It’s hardly even a real sport. It’s pretty much just professional wrestling with a few hoops. And the biggest issue here, however, is that basketball players are so concerned on keeping up this “tough guy” facade. They keep saying shit like that fighting is an integral part of the game and that if you want to take it out, then clearly you’ve never played before. But until basketball gets with the times and finally bans fighting from all levels of competition, the sport will continue to suffer. People have been asking if basketball needs enforcers. The answer is a resounding hell no. It needs quite literally the exact opposite.