Bubba Watson Sinking This Putt On An Airplane Is Actually Pretty Damn Impressive

Don’t care if he’s pimping himself out to the whore that is Sportscenter’s Top 10, this is good stuff. Anyone who has mastered the art of mini golf as I have knows this isn’t an easy feat, especially with the ricochet off the drinking cabinet required. Factor in turbulence, alcohol and possibly a bit of the downs after that “Da-na-na, na-na-na” and you’ve got yourself a top 10 play.

It’s funny that Bubba Watson is putting on a chartered private jet to get on ESPN while John Daly would do the same thing for a half pack of smokes and a cameo on the next Girls Gone Wild. Give him the cue and big Johnny will line up a shot down the length of his moving trailer the next time he’s forced to drive it across state lines escaping the cops. Only difference from Bubba’s difficulty would be the divots from thrown handles of whiskey to the ground and instead of a cup for a hole it’s a literal hole from a stripper spread eagle for paydirt. You don’t fall from grace so hard the only time you’re at Augusta nowadays is when you’re selling your merchandise out of an RV in a Hooters parking lot unless that is an an accurate scenario (John Daly Augusta Hooters’ RV Adventure is a must read for anyone who even thinks they know who this man is).

Saw this and thought it could be relevant. Why the hell not.