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The Anaheim Ducks Are Slowly Starting To Bring Back The Mighty Ducks

Anaheim Ducks v San Jose Sharks - Game Three

The Anaheim Ducks are one of the easiest teams in the NHL to hate. And I think they know it. I feel like very few people outside of the Bay Area Anaheim (which is 100% not the Bay Area) would consider the Ducks to be “their team” and it’s easy to see why. Guys like Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Ryan Kesler are all players who only their own mothers could love. But considering those guys are all pretty damn good, they’re all captains on the team, and they’re all under contract for at least 3 more seasons? Well it’s gonna be pretty difficult for the Ducks to get rid of those guys in order to get people to start liking them again. So instead of changing their roster, they’re doing the next best thing.

The Ducks may never be forgiven for taking what was once the most iconic and greatest hockey uniforms of all time and replacing them with diarrhea and vomit. But if they even have a chance at getting back into hockey fans’ good graces again, it’s going to take them bringing back the Mighty Ducks for good. And it looks like they’re on their way toward making that happen. Because this isn’t the first time the Ducks have brought back the original crest. They did this just a few years ago with their orange alternates from 2015.




Now don’t get me wrong. These uniforms weren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. And the Ducks still felt the need to force that disgusting tan into the sweater. But it was a start, for sure. And now it looks like the Ducks are going back to the original crest for their next alternate jersey. Which means that 2 of their most recent sweaters have featured the Mighty Ducks shield. This is huge news. Because eventually, they’ll just end up going back to the original shield full time. And then once that happens, they’ll start having alternate jerseys with the original colorway. And then once that happens, they’ll just end up going back to the original uniforms full time and everybody can be happy. It may take a few years to happen but you just have to Trust The Process.

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