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HISTORY AT BELMONT STAKES: Justify Becomes The 13th Horse To Win The Triple Crown

What a day to be a horse! Some horses spend their entire lives patiently waiting to see a triple crown winner only to be put out to pasture before it happens. Today, plenty of young meres, elderly horses, police horses, the entire equine world were able to witness history as Justify won the Belmont, claiming the 13th triple crown in history, first since Miguel Cabrera in 2013 American Pharaoh in 2015. More impressively, Justify became just the second horse to win the triple crown as with an undefeated record, joining only Seattle Slew in 1977.

Shoutout Ashley Schaeffer Bob Baffert, a guy I only know because he wins every god damn big time horse race I’ve ever seen. How is horse racing even difficult to bet on? Find out who Baffert owns, bet on said horse, cash your ticket. Seems simple enough to this man, but clearly I must be missing a step somewhere in my equation.

At least Gronk (the human) and Gronk (the horse) shared some good times out there today.

And it looks like whoever that idiot was who reported Belichick tried to trade Gronk yesterday was nothing more than a big dumb idiot. Our boots on the ground reporter got the scoop on the temperature of their current relationship after yesterday’s hullabaloo and it appears everything is gravy in Patriots nation.

PS – Hey NBC Sports Philadelphia, eat my shorts, bro.