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Today I Peaked All Over John Kruk & Freddie Prinze Jr.

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freddie prinze

As a gal in her early 30s who came of age when Freddie & John were peaking, ’tis now my time…



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I have officially peaked. And oddly enough, this unexpected interaction all started with John Kruk, who, much like Freddie Prinze Jr., I’ve been a fan of since the ’90s. Back then, Kruk was there for me when I needed a last minute, low-cost Halloween costume for the school parade.

Ingredients for a Lady-Kruk:

-Phillies hat
-Phillies t-shirt that you write ‘Kruk’ on with a marker
-Pillows to get that Kruk Fluff™ (It was a less thoughtful time.)
-Terrible camera for documentation (Decades later my photos are usually just as fuzzy.)


And also, I’ve followed him for a while now, mostly because he makes me nostalgic for the olden days when my dad would take me to Phillies games at Veterans Stadium, which meant Tastycakes & Yoo-Hoo for dinner while he played oldies on WMGK, puffin’ Marlboro Reds, manual windows rolled down for that smokey summer breeze in the ‘ol Ford F-150…. Ah, where was I, oh, and also a fan because Kruk is just the gift that keeps on giving.

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If you read that whole long intro to this next part, and you’re sitting there thinking, “What the fuck is she going on about here, I’m lost,” you’ll know how I felt when I got involved in John & Freddie’s twitter convo in the first place.

Apparently former Philly & color commentator for the Atlanta Braves, Jeff ‘Frenchy’ Francoeur, said he’d get as big as John Kruk if they kept bringing him food in the booth.

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And when people called Frenchie out, the Krukster admitted that, nah, it’s ok, he does like to eat.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.38.21 PM

And that’s all well and good, but then THEE Freddie Prinze Jr. of I Know What You Did Last Summer, She’s All That and Scooby Doo fame came out of the woodwork & jumped in during a part of the banter that I was very confused about:

And how are John Kruk & Freddie Prinze Jr. pals? (Besides the fact that Freddie was also a Phillie for the film Summer Catch, of course – and who wouldn’t know that).

Well Freddie made a John Kruk for his video game team, the Machos, and a friendship was born.

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I’m both #teamfries & #teamfreddie, and even though I’m still a little lost on it all, I have now had an interaction with one of my former Halloween costumes & one of my first maaaajor crushes all in one day. Now that I’m coming down from the peak (did you feel it, #DelCo?), I need a solid nap. Hoping when I wake up they’ll be at my door with fries.

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Random bonus nugget from today’s thread: Nobody fuks with Kruk’s Florida cheesesteak chain kustomers:

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