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Andre Iguodala Is OUT For Tomorrow's Game 1

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors - Game Five

If there were any Warriors fans out there that were hoping Iggy would be suiting up tomorrow, I’m sorry. Iguodala will now miss his 5th straight game (he hasn’t played since 5/20) and the results have been mixed during his absence. Despite being heavy favorites over the Cavs, this is a legit loss for them as Iguodala was one of the main guys we all expected to cover Lebron if he was healthy. He has some experience doing that in the Finals, and what it does is allow the Warriors to truly play small, forcing the Cavs to follow suit. Now with him out of the lineup it will be interesting to see who on the Warriors gets the call. You’d think it will be Durant/Draymond for the most part, and that would scare me as a Warriors fan. The last thing you need to have happen is worry about foul trouble to your best players because nobody on this planet can stay in front of Lebron without fouling. He’s too big/aggressive.

From an offensive standpoint, we saw the sort of impact Iggy had early in that Rockets series, but let’s not act like this team doesn’t have enough big time offensive weapons. Where this hurts is on the other end of the floor and for matchup purposes. The reports are he’ll be reevaluated before Game 2 which is on Sunday, so who knows hopefully by then he’ll have had enough rest to be cleared.

I think most people expect this series to be a blowout, and it still might be, but at least this opens the door just a little bit for the Cavs to potentially steal a game or two. We still haven’t heard any official word on what’s going on with Kevin Love, but I would imagine it’s only a matter of time before we learn he’ll probably miss Game 1 as well due to the concussion protocol.