Wake Up With Bryce Harper Fighting Hunter Strickland On Memorial Day

Well happy Memorial Day to you and yours. What do I think about when I think Memorial Day? I think of last year and Bryce Harper getting drilled by Hunter Strickland for a home run he hit no less than 8 years ago. Kind of disrespectful for Bryce to try and punch the camo hat off of Strickland, but thats for another day.

Strickland pegs Harper with a ball in the hip, because he was legit upset that Bryce starred at a home run years ago in the playoffs of a series that the Nationals would go on to lose. Hunter did it the right way, he didn’t go for the head, he hit him in the hip. Unfortunately the reason he did it was still really dumb.

Bryce obviously did not like it, and probably knew it was coming. He knew right away he was headed to the mound. He tossed the bat away, but then he followed it up with that GOD AWFUL throw. I mean, I really don’t know what he was trying to do there. Throw it as a distraction? Actually try and hit Strickland? Who knows, but good lord was it ugly.

Both guys landed a few good punches to the face before the entire team swarmed in, but unfortunately Michael Morse took the brunt of this fight, getting a concussion from slamming into Jeff Samardzija. It was Morse’s last day on a baseball field as he had to retire due to the concussion. So he can thank Hunter Strickland for ending his career. The best part about this whole fight may be Buster Posey just hanging out behind the plate watching it all happen. The ultimate “not my problem” stance.

Overall this was a pretty entertaining fight. We saw punches land, helmets thrown, the whole 9 yards.

Enjoy your Memorial Day and remember the real meaning today.

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