Hunter Henry Reportedly Tore His ACL Today At OTAs

I’m not a Chargers fan by any means but this fucking suuuuuucks as someone that likes watching good football players do good things on a football field. I feel like every year we get a reminder that nothing good can happen during OTAs and Hunter was apparently this year’s tribute. If you’ve watched any Chargers games the last two seasons, you knew Hunter Henry could become a monster if given the opportunity and was at the very least a shitload of fun to watch. The fact the Chargers actually told Antonio Gates they were ready to move on from their relationship that predates Philip Rivers being on the team so Henry could become the guy let you know Henry must be a STUD. And we won’t even get into what the fantasy websites were going to predict from Henry this season.

So to see all of that go up in smoke before June is a brutal yet important reminder that NOTHING GOOD CAN HAPPEN AT OTAs OR EVEN REALLY THE PRESEASON. Especially for the Chargers, who are always losing guys to backbreaking injuries. All the tweets and videos of guys catching passes while jogging may feel good now because we’ve been fiending football for 3 months. But don’t be fooled. You should be holding your breath every second your team is out playing, running or even stretching. Because you never know when Schefty will drop a Schefty Bomb Missile on your team’s season. Only 4.5 months until games actually matter!

Also this follow up tweet was the least surprising thing ever.

What is dead may never die.