Healthy Scratches - April 9th

Barstool and Hockey have long been intertwined. Some say its the work of Ryan Whitney as a sort of Johnny Appleseed, some say they were always destined for each other. Either way, the cultures tend to mesh about as seamlessly as any and you’d be hard pressed to walk into too many locker rooms in North America where there isn’t at least one player familiar with the site. We have the best and most entertaining hockey podcast out in Spittin Chiclets, and a plethora of hockey video offerings that come out at different times during the week. With hundreds of posts/podcasts/tweets/periscopes going on in the Barstool world on any given day, even a hockey fan that wants to consume video content might have trouble keeping it all straight. So what did the Big Brain do? Nothing other than consolidate all of the different people covering each team to create a Barstool hockey show that gives you what you’re looking for in NHL/hockey coverage.

Today’s episode was more of an introduction and quick opening but from now on we are going to be incorporating video segments checking in with the various personalities we have accrued over the years. If you want to get insight on David Pastrnak’s playoff performance in the thickest Boston accent known to human kind, we’re going to make sure RA will be there to give it to you. If you need to know why Nolan Patrick is going to be more productive in next year’s playoffs after Sid the Kid sweeps the Flyers out of the first round, Jordie is going to be there to explain it. You will get to stare at Chief’s beautiful hair all the time.

Step into the press box and get involved with the Healthy Scratches.