Rapper YBN Nahmir Joined Up With Barstool Gametime For Some Good Clean GTA V Fun

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What a day. YBN Nahmir, along with whoever he was for some reason Facetiming at that particular moment, articulately dominated the GTA V streets. Obviously the likes of an 18-year-old budding superstar of the rap game and us are all cut from the same cloth, so naturally we had a lot in common to discuss throughout the program. Good times had by all! And, no, I do not regret ignorantly calling myself YBN Smitty. Yet.

Points to YBN Nahmir for representing the brand on the road at his first show after Gametime. That’s what us homeslices call keeping it real.

Good times. Can’t wait for YBN Nahmir’s long awaited collaboration with Wham.

PS – True Story: