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Stool Scenes Cousin's Retreat - Reservation Hesitation (PART 2)

Check out Death Wish this Friday.

We pick up the action in the Cousin’s condo, with Cousin Linda entering the fray. It is fascinating to watch the combination of Cousin Michael and Cousin Linda and decipher what attributes play into the product of El Pres aka their son. If you watch closely while Cousin Mike is reenacting a Crocodile and Gazelle encounter with the cheese from his French Onion Soup, she is in the background smiling ear to ear because she tipped me off to make sure to catch that. This sense for capturing funny shit was obviously not lost on Dave and neither was the ability to pick apart Cousin Michael. The dinner scene was like another dimension. I felt like I was violating some sort of generational safe space filming in that restaurant.

Also, Cousin Linda’s friend is named Cousin Julie and none of us had met her or knew her previously. She played golf with Cousin Linda earlier in the day and brought her husband to dinner. It was his birthday. She is not related to them but rather a friend that has a condo nearby. Our After Effects nametag guy’s computer broke today but hopefully that explains it better than a nametag could have.