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Stool Scenes Cousin's Retreat - Greetings From Del Boca Vista (PART 1)

Check out Death Wish this Friday.

What a weekend. After editing for 4 days straight and trying to cut as much stuff as possible we were looking at an hour plus today. Young Dave Portnoy stories, scrambled eggs complaints, lavish AARP dinners, Golf tournaments and more. It was an action packed 3 days and I was rolling the whole time. You add in the fact that we haven’t had a chance to see these characters in depth yet and you’re left with a TON of usable, funny footage. Instead of putting out one feature film length video, we thought it was better in more easily digestible 10-20 minute segments.

Cousin Linda, Cousin Michael, and Cousin Murray are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and we had a blast. In this chapter, we traveled from rainy New York to the sunny freeways of Florida. Its the most straightforward of the bunch but sets the scene for all the madness. Welcome to Del Boca Vista!