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Barstool's Inaugural Trivia Gameshow "Beat The Blockhead" Debuted And It Was A Raging...Something

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What is “Beat The Blockhead”? The hell if I know. Basically we’ve been shooting the idea of a live trivia gameshow for awhile now. Devlin is hosting, Clem is “Stat Clem”, and myself and Carabbis are duking it out in general trivia for a round with special things happening along the way. Then, Mr. Hardo Beisbol and I are teamed up together and taking on the Stoolies in some MLB Trivia. You stump us with questions on the Twitch chat, you had a chance to win Barstool gear. Simple as that. Well, almost. They have to be legitimately answerable questions. It couldn’t have been “What middle reliever for an NL team had a WHIP of 1.34 in the 1994 strike shortened season?”. Of course the answer is David West because I’m the reigning champion of life, but in an effort to play nice with Carrabis, we kept things civilized.

Why “Beat The Blockhead”? Well, my friends, seeing as how I’m apparently the resident office idiot who gets introduced onto the radio with “If I Only Had A Brain”, I’m an already interesting selection. Sure, I may right at a 3rd grade level and my grammer is etrocious, but there’s still a few sharp tools in the shed that weren’t dulled last week in the ring. Oh, I also hosted trivia nights for years as one of my many jobs during the pasta days of struggle. The amount of useless knowledge I have floating up there is frightening. I may not know my mother’s birthday off the top of my head but I can probably recite the last 30 Best Picture Oscar winners without breaking a sweat. No, I don’t like me that much, either.

1-0 after episode 1. We’ll get an array of office characters involved, but be sure to join up next time. Shoot the shit. Attempt to stump the “Experts”. Win Barstool prizes. Good times had by few. Great times had by all. Also, we’ll announce more later, but new rapping sensation YBN Nahmir is coming by the office tomorrow to play GTA on Barstool Gametime. I’m sure we’re going to have a lot in common to talk about.

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