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Boozin' Burgers - Oscar Wilde NYC

Goddamnit I am thrilled to begin this hunt across New York City for its best Burgers, Beer, and more.

Burgers have always been a forte of mine as you can probably tell by my slender frame. But Beer? Not so much. Since I started my drinking career I’ve been convinced Budweiser is God’s Nectar so it’s unlikely for me to branch out from a nice Bud Heavy no matter the circumstance. That’s about to change as I need to pair these burgers with some sophisticated cold ones that’ll make me a connoisseur in no time.

I have all the classics like JG Melon, Minetta Tavern, Corner Bistro, and PJ Clarke’s in my back pocket so if you have any suggestions or hidden gems you want me to take a stab at…Tweet ‘em to me @Glenny_Balls