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Rough N Rowdy 2 Is One Week From Today. Every Winner Gets $500 Bucks

Rough N Rowdy 2 is 1 week away.  The main event is 20 dollar chef vs. Smitty.   Myself and Pat McAfee will be on the play by play.  Caleb and Rone will be ringside reporting.  If you haven’t watched Rough N Rowdy yet it’s honestly the best thing we do.  It’s the perfect mix of boxing, comedy, drama, and chaos.  There is literally nothing else like it.  And this time around every fighter that wins their bout on Friday will get $500 bucks.   That is like 5 million dollars in WV.  It almost ensures a ref gets knocked out by a bad decision as well.  People are going to be fighting like their lives are on the line.  You won’t want to miss it.

The cost of the pay per view is $9.99, but goes up to $15.99 the day of the fight.  We have a new pay per view provider so all you scumbags who got it for free this time won’t get away with it again.   Click To Buy