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Cousin Mike Portnoy Started Bawling Crying While Delivering A Touching Eulogy For Pebbles The Hamster Who Was Flushed Down An Airport Toilet

Mike & The Murrdog wrapped up week 3 today in emotional fashion. We had Cousin Francis in for Cousin Murray who’s out sick Ts & Ps, and for essentially the entire hour we talked about Pebbles the hamster who was unceremoniously flushed down an airport bathroom toilet after being denied on a Spirit Airlines plane. Sad.

Well Cousin Mike was hardcore Team Pebbles so he decided to hold a moment of silence at the end of the show during which of course he would deliver remarks. And he started balling crying during those remarks.

RIPIP Cousin Pebbles and Cousin Snowy. Emotional stuff.

… maybe?

We’ll be back next week 9am. Please, help support a good cause – all proceeds go to our pockets.