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Introducing The Greatest Culinary Master In The World: "10 Dollar Cook" - Plus Rough N' Rowdy Odds Are LIVE

BAM! From behind the pasta stand to bringing heat inthe kitchen: $10 Cook gets you better the life for half the price. BAM!

As for RNR2 on February 14th, we’ve got our first preview and odds:

Sports Action Network – Smitty: +120

Chef: -150

Smitty as a dog in RnR2 and the Eagles as a dog in the Super Bowl. The next couple of weeks could be either absolutely life changing for him … given his luck, there’s a good chance it will change him for worse.

Let’s take a deep dive and analyze the fighters…

(Read the full preview here)

+120? +1 friggin 20?!?!?!? You know what I say to those outlandish odds??????? Good. Just like the Eagles, keep on doubting the greats. The underdogs will keep on barking before they bite your face off. Woof woof motherfuckers. It’s time to WORK.