Rockstar Games Is Inviting Us To Their HQ To Live Stream A Brand New, Unreleased Mode Of GTA V - Need Stoolies To Squad Up

It’s no secret we’ve been playing a lot of GTA V in the office recently (manhunting us for a bounty/free cash wasn’t exactly the smartest move for the wallet and/or life). Well, the creators over at Rockstar have taken notice to the escapades and have invited us over to their HQ to play a new, unreleased mode of GTA V.

So…squad up, bitches! We got myself, Clem, Devlin, Donnie Does, Coley, and a few others around the office ready to roll tomorrow (Thursday) at 5pm. If you’d like to join our GTA V posse, all you gotta do is follow AND subscribe to @BarstoolSports on Twitch. We don’t know exactly what we’re doing tomorrow at Rockstar HQ, but if we need to play with or against a clan, be sure to link up. We can dance together or to the death. Doesn’t matter to us.

See you tomorrow at 5pm. If you wanna get inside Rockstar there’s apparently an unlimited space under my coat.