Never Go Full Hardo: Coed Dodgeball Tournament Edition

Here’s your life lesson for today, kids. Never Go Full Hardo, as you can spot from violations 1-100000000001 in this video. We’ve seen it before in coed work league softball, beer pong, and not here. There’s no reason to go apeshit in an coed intramural dodgeball tournament, for charity, no less (support Save The Children!). None. Yet there’s ALWAYS that guy, without fail. There’s no need for knee pads, arm sleeves, or threatening to light the ref on fire. Let’s all just relax and have some good natured playground fun for all.

However, it’s well known I’m a major advocate for not apologizing for making a woman cry on a dodgeball court. If you’re willing to step onto the field of battle you have to live with getting shot. It’s not necessarily a “Dodgeball” thing. It’s a “Winning” thing. If there were no days off when we were opening the 2nd floor at Barstool HQ a year ago, you better believe there won’t be any in forever.