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Robbie's Live Reaction To The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

People seemed to dig watching me watch the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so I recorded myself watching the Infinity War trailer for the first time as well. This is my genuine reaction upon seeing it for the first time, and while I was not as enthusiastic as I was for The Wars, you can see I’m pretty fuckin’ stoked for this movie! It’s been in the works for FIVE YEARS and has like, a ONE BILLION DOLLAR budget. This trailer couldn’t have possibly been more perfect all around, giving us glimpses of everything we want to see, yet not revealing any unnecessary plot details. We’ll all be there, asses in seats on opening night, so there’s no need to reveal or release anything else until May.

Quick highlights from the trailer:

-Spider-Man’s new suit is FIRE FLAMES CITY!

-Steve Rodgers with a beard makes it move. What a handsome mofo.

-Thanos has a chin that puts Jay Leno to shame, and totally looks like The Big Show without his crown. He DUSTED Iron Man with that punch.


-Black Widow was cooler as a red head. Don’t fight me on it.

-Thor with the Guardians of the Galaxy gave me a nerdgasm.