Mets Therapy Session 5 – Cuncel Da Conforto, Da Cespedes, Da Captain, Da Franchise

So we have made it to the fifth (and probably last) Mets therapy session of the season. The team is dead, the season is cuncelled, and shit has progressively gotten worse every step of the way. But at least now our therapy sessions have video capabilities thanks to the hottest new baseball show on the planet, Starting 9 (follow them on Twitter and check out last night’s series premiere if you missed it).

Now listen, do I think next season can be the season we all hoped this season will be if everything that can go wrong doesn’t go wrong? Yes. But do I think the Wilpons taking money over players in trades is an example of everything that’s wrong with this franchise and we are on a steep downslope as a franchise. Yes. Saying the franchise is dead may be a little harsh. But I need a season where the pitching doesn’t all end up on the disabled list before I believe in this team becoming contenders again. Oh yeah and maybe just a bit of good news on Michael Conforto. You could have convinced me that everything would be fine for next season. But seeing him collapse on that swing and hearing the whispers about how serious a posterior capsule tear can be has me thinking this is the beginning of the end. And I’m usually the OPTIMISTIC Mets fan around here. But how can I be after seeing tweets like this?

Nonetheless, I hate that my Mets heart has grown cold and black like a Clancy heart because of the INCOMPETENCE (Frank the Tank voice) of the Wilpons. Here is a reminder of when times were good.

I legitimately had goosebumps 10 different times during that video and almost cried at multiple parts. Not sure I can rewatch that video again anytime soon. I truly don’t understand how a team with that much mojo following the Wilmer Game could make it to the World Series yet lose in absolutely gut wrenching fashion. Someone please hold me.