Today Is My 8 Year Anniversary At Barstool Sports

“I’m on my 8th summer, still hot — Young’s the 8th wonder”

Jay Z
– Kevin Francis Clancy

Pushing a decade here at the Stool. 8 years this August. Me and your boy Kmarko. Feits right behind us. The traditional anniversary gift for someone celebrating their 8th anniversary is bronze or pottery. So, if anybody would like to get me or Keith a nice clay pot or maybe a Moscow Mule mug, that would be nice.

Anyway, a lot has gone on in those 8 years. Literally the very first week I started Barstool I lost my cousin. He was my age, we grew up together. Real close. I remember like day 3 on the job I had to be like “Keith, the blog is yours. Dave, I’ll be back when I’m back.” Its a memory burned in my brain forever. And from that day on its been a long, tumultuous, but incredible ride. I went from Hoboken to Murray Hill to the Upper East Side to another apartment on the Upper East to another apartment on the Upper East, BACK to Hoboken, and now into a shitty house in the suburbs. Went from a single dude, to a girl, to a dog, to a kid, to another kid. Went from the dark days of wondering whether Dave’s under the table check was actually gonna show up in the mailbox to maybe spending a little bit more money than I should on sneakers. From accounting, to blogging, to Bro Shows…from 100 million dollar lawsuits and Chernin acquisitions, the business side of things has been a roller coaster as well.

The most consistent thing about my life, both personal and career wise, has been the podcast. 8 years in at Barstool, 5 years on the podcast. Sure, we’ve recorded it in a zillion places. A basement in Brooklyn, a baby nursery in Hoboken, my mom’s porch in Westchester, and now in our own studio. Sure, some of the pieces have changed. But for the most part the show has remained shockingly consistent. Idiotic. Often offensive. But the same thing week in and week out as we push 300 episodes. Its like as everything else in life and work changes, KFC Radio stays the same. Change is good. Growth is good. Even failure is good to build upon. But some things are Always Classic.