Swimming Through A Sea Of Blue - A Francis Music Video

Have you ever texted a girl so many times without a response that the entire conversation is blue? A friend of mine calls this phenomenon “swimming through a sea of blue.” He insists that you should just keep swimming, no matter how deep the waters or strong the current. Eventually, she’ll recognize your persistence as a positive trait and agree to sleep with you. This was the inspiration for this song I wrote, with the help of the great EDM producer Elephante. He’s a friend of mine from school and when he came into the office a few months ago, we knocked this track together. The music video has been in the works for months, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Huge shout out to our incredible director/producer Buddha Ben for his work on this, who absolutely crushed it. Also big thanks to my co-star Ria, who dealt with some VERY creepy scenes with grace and aplomb. Enjoy!