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Never Go Full Hardo: Intramural Work Coed Softball League Edition

Here’s your life lesson for today, kids. Never Go Full Hardo, as you can spot from violations 1-100000000001 in this video. There’s no reason to go apeshit in an coed intramural softball league. None. Yet there’s ALWAYS that guy, without fail. You don’t need batting gloves. You don’t need baseball pants. You may still need to wear a cup. But that’s a personal preference. Other than that, it’s just pure, unadulterated beer drinking and fun. Although men’s leagues are a horse of a different color. You’re allowed to have some competitive jack in the sack. Gotta keep living in the glory days someway, somehow.
Otherwise, keep it civilized, people. There are lady’s outside of the delicate features of Frankie Borelli present.

Well, keep it civilized on the coed diamond unless you’re in charge of ridding Spider Monkeys into space. Then you do what you gotta do. SEND IT.