Zah The Zimbabwe Midget Came Into Barstool Radio Today And Handed Out Bodybags

In the wildest show to date, multiple grievances are aired out on the show. Zah, the African midget from Zimbabwe is in the building, but he gets quickly swept to the side as all the internal Barstool politics come to the forefront. Firstly, Dave has serious issues with the way that Glenny Ball has been planned. It is supposed to be a house party in the Hamptons for 150 people, but about 4000 people were invited, even California Angels legend Mo Vaughn. Dave gets fed up and cancels Glenny Ball to maintain Barstool’s reputation for throwing awesome parties. YP’s righthand and Stool Scenes editor Dana tries to get Dave to stop DMing his sister but he fails miserably. Dana might have to quit. Then, the conversation shifts to Smitty, because Smitty’s buddy “allegedly” sent Dave a DM saying ”JEWS!” when they were blackout drunk. Smitty and Dave try to hash out other problems on air and Smitty comes dangerously close to being fired. In the final segment, which was absolutely electric, Zah bursts in at the beginning of a segment, pushes Coley out of the way, props up a folding chair, and uses it as a stool to get up on top of the table. Zah stands on the table literally looking down (maybe for the first time in his life) at the rest of the BSR crew and gives them a monologue on why Smitty should be fired. Smitty comes in to try to defend himself but gets bodybagged by Zah, who tells Dave to fire Smitty. Smitty is paralyzed by the fact that one moment everything is fine, and the next he is arguing for his job to a black African midget named Zimbo from Zimbabwe. Only on Barstool Radio.

Today’s entire episode will be released as a podcast on Wednesday.