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Barstool Poker Hot Minute With 14-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner Phil Hellmuth

Real Talk: Kind of a surreal moment for us. We grew up, played, and went “Pro” during the Poker boom, and Phil Hellmuth is one of the kings. If not the Lord. Christ, the man holds the world record with 14 bracelets. Can’t exactly argue his greatness on the felt. Not pictured is when Phil Hellmuth had beers with us for a good 2 hours after and shot the shit. One of the legit nicest, most real guys ever (off the table, of course). The dude is a legend in all aspects of life…even if I’d still stick him head’s up.

Also, they made us dress up like Jockeys and race on toy horses in the Rio through the masses. Why? I’m still not exactly sure. That’ll come out later. Maybe.

PS – Gotta do it. Hilarious.