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Want Your Summer House Decked Out In SAFTB Gear? Boy Are You In For A Treat

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Over the last year we’ve gotten countless videos from stoolies doing everything from shotgunning beers to accosting celebrities and demanding they tell us what Saturdays are for. Because we’re the nicest guys in the history of the entire world, Ghandi included, we’ve decided it’s time to give back. That’s how communities work, right? Tit for tat. You gave us the tits, it’s time for us to give you the tats.

So, what we’re doing this summer is outfitting a handful of shore houses all over the place in SAFTB gear. Everything from beer pong to corn hole to hats, tanks, t-shirts, you name it. “That’s too much,” they say. “John, you are too kind,” they shout. Nonsense! For 12 months we’ve owned Saturdays but it’s time to outfit the soldiers. Click this link, upload your video, and show us why you guys are some of the lucky folks who are owed the SAFTB party house in your beach town.


Cape Cod

Sea Isle







The Hamptons

Dewey Beach

Ocean City





If your town isn’t on the list then who gives a shit, make a video anyway and show us why we’re idiots for not already thinking about it.

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