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Cookin With Chaps: Fish Tacos


Made some fish tacos. The biggest tip that I can give to most folks who are learning to cook is don’t worry about tablespoons/ teaspoons and all that shit when you are seasoning meat. Just give it a nice little coating and you’re gucci. Don’t apply the seasoning thick as hell but dont be a big ole puss puss about it either. Use seasoning like glitter when you were in kindergarten. You just need enough to lightly coat it. That’s it. Fish tacos are crazy easy and fast. Perfect for people who wanna cook something quickly when they get home from work.

Lots of people trying to come for my neck because I said that tilapia is my go-to for a quick, weekday fish tacos. Pals, listen closely. It’s tacos. We aren’t putting swordfish and Chilean sea bass into tacos on a casual tuesday night. If you are getting your fish from a shitty source, sure. Tilapia can be bad. But if you get tilapia loins from Costco, they are actually good enough for fish tacos. Trust me on that. Love you.