Barstool Sports Goes To Madison Square Garden For The #FreeOakley And #FireDolan Movement

So I decided to hit up Madison Square Garden on Friday night to take the temperature of my Knicks brothers and sisters after Charles Oakley had been banned for life. It was the angriest I’ve seen New York since, ummmm, when was the last anti-Trump protest? Anyway, there was anger in the streets and rage in the air. This video is the voice of the people that refuse to go quietly into the night as a billionaire continues to ruin and disrespect their favorite team and beloved ex-player. The war against James Dolan has started and it will not stop until he has sold the Knicks.

And a quick shout out to to the real MVP of this video. This guy spoke to me for about 15 minutes and gave the most heartfelt speech you will ever hear about treating people the right way while he was holding up a “James Dolan is a piece of shit” sign. It was truly poetry in motion.