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Can I Kick It, Holiday Edition From Stadium Goods NYC

We hit up Stadium Goods, one of the biggest consignment shops in New York City. The place has over 50,000 pairs of sneakers ranging from new to old, from common to rare, and everything in between. I ran through some of the big ticket shoes for the holidays with manager John. Top 3 1s, Space Jam 11s vs the 72-10s from last year, Yeezy V2s, and more. Christmas is always a major period of time in the sneaker community, and this year brought the fire. Merry Christmas to MJ and Kanye. The big winners this holiday season.

We also looked inside the Stadium Goods Trophy Case at some of their rarest, most expensive sneakers in the world. The Eminem 4s at $23,000. The Oregon 3s at $6,000. Some of the most unattainable shoes out there. If you’ve got the money to burn, hit up Stadium Goods for some of that fire.