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El Pres Goalie Challenge Vs. Ian Cole And Nick Bonino of Stanley Cup Champion Penguins

I’m not gonna lie. I don’t think there has ever been a more “Dave Portnoy Moment” in the history of Barstool than when I scored on the 93rd shot vs. Bonino. I mean that was the definition of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. I was about to suffer the most humiliating loss of my career. I would have never been able to shoot a puck the rest of my life. But on shot #93 I managed to defy all odds and sneak one past him. If I could bottle the emotion of that office when I lit the lamp I wouldn’t have to take a drug the rest of my life. The tension was so fucking high and everybody just exploded when I scored. The place was literally ELECTRIC. I don’t care how it went it, or what it bounced off, the rules of the hockey challenge in the office are clear. Everything is in play and Bonino knew it. Sure some may say it’s embarrassing it took 93 shots to score, but those people are losers. He said he could stop 100 in a row and he failed. I won fair and square. It seemed like all hope was lost. The game was over. It was like the 87 Eastern Conference Finals Pistons vs. Celtics all over again. Nick Bonino forgot about one thing. He forgot about Larry Bird. Davey Pageviews.