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Emergency Monday Lunchtime Snaps Featuring The Lovely Asa Akira

A few questions with the star of the hour/life, Asa Akiri. She has an award winning asshole. No, seriously. It’s front and center in her Twitter tagline @AsaAkiri.

Oh, and since I’m a complete imbacle and had my finger over the mic of the phone for 2 of those questions, the answer to “What athlete would you most like to perform with?” was Ryan Lochte – Even though she immediately stated after something about whoever would have the best personality. Women.). And the response to the dozens of inquiring Stoolie minds who asked “What does your asshole smell like?” – Roses and lube. Double whammy.

Also, may God have mercy on Asa’s soul. There’s no doubt in my mind Nate pulled a Shang Tsung on her in his little house of horrors.