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Introducing "Dave Portnoy" Bingo

First of all, if you missed what happened at the office today you can fix that for yourself right now. Really funny day through and through and it all went down on Facebook Live. You can subscribe to our page and turn on notifications so every time we go live you find out. It’s super easy and we plan on doing a lot of these types of things from the office going forward.

Now for the Bingo. If you didn’t see how it went down, Dave had his AOL article full of weird revisionist history, no podcasts pre chernin, Feits finding SAFTB online somewhere instead of inventing it like he did, Dave screwing in lightbulbs at the office etc etc. So Kevin, Feits and I went on Facebook live for a little fact checking session. In retaliation Dave held his own facebook press conference and that’s where Portnoy Bingo came in. Whole team bonding together over a made up game of Bingo, everyone having a good laugh and enjoying each other’s company. Think I even saw Nate and Smitty smile at each other, I kid you not. Was a great moment for The Team, The Team, The Team, mark that one down.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 8.10.56 PM

Oh and you knew this but holy shit we have the whitest crew of all time. Looked like a 15 seed getting announced on CBS for the tourney.

There are two truths, the actual truth and Dave Portnoy’s truth. God love him.

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